Salut in the City – my first hello

Always looking for sunshine

Oh hey!! You’re probably here because you follow my Instagram @SalutInTheCity. If you found me another way then hi new friend, welcome!

I came to the point where I wanted to focus less on Atlanta (even though I love this city) and the Atlanta food scene (my waistline thanks me too – lol). I want to focus more on lifestyle and my other interests. Travel being a big one – I am a wandering soul, also running, a healthy lifestyle, cooking adventures and my current home reno (which is all DIY with the hubs btw).

A little about me I live in Old Fourth Ward with my husband of 10 years! I am a photographer and graphic designer. I’m bubbly and love finding the positive in every situation. Running is my therapy. If I’m stressed out or stuck on a design I hit the pavement and it makes everything better (bonus – runners booty). I grew up on the North side of the city in Woodstock (way OTP). You could always find me outside playing in the dirt, riding motorcycles & four wheelers and camping. Summer was always my favorite season for all those reasons plus being a water baby. I would beg my dad to open the pool in April and I’d be swimming around in 60* water or living the boat life on the lake.

This definitely instilled in me a life always seeking adventure. You name it I’ve probably tried it or it’s on my bucket list. I can check off soloing (an airplane), sky diving, living abroad in a monastery with nuns, getting my motorcycle license and so much more. So, stay tuned for more cities, my life and yes plenty of Atlanta love, because I truly love this city!


Sunnies and jumper are from Lulus

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  1. Hello.

    I also welcome you to the blogging World. It offers you something which you never had heard or seen.

    P.S. If you want more visitors, then visit every time those commentator’s posts, push like button and leave your comment. This is good way to keep them in touch!

    Stay safe and healthy.

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