Salut in the City – my first hello

Always looking for sunshine

Oh hey!! You’re probably here because you follow my Instagram account @Salut_ATL, now @SalutInTheCity. If you found me another way, well hi new friend! Welcome!

I came to the point where I wanted to focus less on Atlanta (even though I love this city) and the Atlanta food scene (my waistline thanks me too – lol). I want to focus more on lifestyle and my other interests. Travel being a big one – I am a wandering soul, also running, a healthy lifestyle, cooking adventures and my current home reno (which is all DIY with the hubs btw).

A little about me I live in Old Fourth Ward with my husband of 10 years! I am a photographer and graphic designer. I’m bubbly and love finding the positive in every situation. Running is my therapy. If I’m stressed out or stuck on a design I hit the pavement and it makes everything better (bonus – runners booty). I grew up on the North side of the city in Woodstock (way OTP). You could always find me outside playing in the dirt, riding motorcycles & four wheelers and camping. Summer was always my favorite season for all those reasons plus being a water baby. I would beg my dad to open the pool in April and I’d be swimming around in 60* water or living the boat life on the lake.

This definitely instilled in me a life always seeking adventure. You name it I’ve probably tried it or it’s on my bucket list. I can check off soloing (an airplane), sky diving, living abroad in a monastery with nuns, getting my motorcycle license and so much more. So, stay tuned for more cities, my life and yes plenty of Atlanta love, because I truly love this city!


Sunnies and jumper are from Lulus

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Photographer and graphic designer

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