Atlanta Unique Eats – Sweets

Sweet treats are easy to find in Atlanta but how about some more unique options, ube what?, ice cream on a donut.. yes please!! Check these out when you’re in town, in no particular order:
[on your phone? turn your phone sideways for optimal viewing – you’re welcome]

Kamayan Atl

(Filipino Comfort Food)
Ube Flan Cake – literally one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Sweet Stack Creamery

Stacks of ice cream topped fruity pebbles (or whatever your heart desires) on top of an iced donut.


Unicorn Milkshake, super sweet, colorful & covered in sprinkles, cotton candy, marshmallows and chocolate…there’s other options but how can you pass this up?

Beard Papas

Cream puffs with vanilla, chocolate or green tea filling and/or icing – just amazing

The Yard Milkshake Bar

Creamy, not too sweet & they bring all the boys to the yard 😉
Pictured at the Cookie Monster & Cookie Butter Me Up

Revolution Donuts

Tiny Doors ATL’s 5th birthday donut was this adorable pink sprinkled vegan donut that I happily shot in front of her giant door! The giant door is #658 because it is 658 times larger than a tiny door!

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