Oakland Cemetery Vibes

Once upon a time I shot an engagement session in a cemetery and it was perfectly romantic and eerie. Since then I’ve wanted to take some portraits of myself there. BUT, what does one wear for a cemetery shoot? I wanted a fun and frilly look that still fit the ominous mood of my surroundings. Classic black on black was the key here. To spice it up, create some movement and make it more feminine, I added in a tutu (who doesn’t love a good tutu?!), and I finished it off with a classic stiletto heel.

What about props? I brought a clear umbrella, purple tulips, my oldest vintage camera and some black roses. Which look is your favorite?

The best part of this shoot? It was cloudy and slightly rainy. Any good photographer knows that a cloudy day it optimal for a photoshoot. If you’re not sure as to why… cloud coverage is natures natural filter. You don’t have to deal with harsh light or shadows (which in turn means less editing on the back end, win-win).

Classic Black

Black on black outfit, vintage camera plus rainy day makes for the perfect photoshoot in a cemetery.

Here’s where I bought my tutu! It comes in so many color options too!

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