Doors & Doorknobs

I have this thing with doors and doorknobs. It’s a real obsession. I first fell in love with their uniqueness when I lived in France during a study abroad. I lived in a monastery with nuns (yes, that’s correct, I know that monasteries are traditionally homes of monks but in this case it was nuns). It was a tiny town in Normandy called Bayeux. It was so whimsical and had beautiful architecture everywhere you looked.

I was a photography major and we had to build out our darkroom in this tiny second floor space. It had a classroom area and then a 5×10 foot room we used for the darkroom. It had a large window that we had to black out. I remember spending an afternoon in the space with my professor Perry blacking everything out with blackout tape and black paper. We made it happen. The first photo below is a piece from a series I shot, developed and printed in Bayeux. There was something truly magical about being in that tiny space with a little red light bringing an image to life from the streets just outside. It’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve shot and it started a love for unique doors and doorknobs that I’ve had ever since.

But first we must knock…

and then we can enter, lol.

Do you share my love of unique doors and doorknobs? These are all from France, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Have you seen some in another country that are amazing that I need to see? Let me know in the comments. I would love to see more!

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