Hell yeah I am. My dad started to ride when he was in high school. I can’t even count the amount of bikes he went through up until now. He would literally ride off to the mountains on one bike and come back on another. I loved it though. He taught me to be fearless and try new things that might seem scary to the normal person. I’m far from normal though. I was a little tomboy running around in the dirt, building forts (sometimes with barbies), climbing trees, riding anything with wheels, bikes, four wheelers, go-carts, you name it I was on it. I actually got my motorcycles license when I was 19. My husband had a bike in college and we were too crazy on it (130+ miles an hour with me on the back). I lived for it though. Here are a few fun photos of just me and my helmet and some bikes… working on some fun motorcycles shots for you all!!

Tell me what you’re riding? Or if you’ve ever been on a motorcycle. I’m always curious as to how many people are out there riding and especially if they’re female. It’s been such a male dominate world for so long but plenty of women have broke that barricade and being the hottest moto babes!

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