City Hopping – Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities abroad. It is the perfect combination of European city life and beach life. It’s truly the best of both worlds with an amazing food scene, beautiful gothic architecture and a topless beach. [team free the nipple and normalize female bodies not sexualize them]

When I was in art school, we studied gothic architecture, specifically the Casa Batllo designed by Gaudí. He’s one of my favorite gothic artists. Aside from the gothic aesthetics, his designs are magical. Colorful, organic and whimsey. I truly believe his architecture is his imagination come to life.

And there’s the beautiful basilica de la sagrada familia, that is still under construction… after 135 years. They say it should be done in 2026, lol.

The colorful stained glass windows are one of my favorite features. You can’t tell how colorful they are from the outside but once you enter the church and you see the sunlight fill the room, then you see the rainbow of colors. Some of the windows depict stories from the bible and others are geometric designs with different shades of colors. I actually prefer that shapes over the stories, it allows the imagination to create.

So what do you think, do you think Gaudí’s architecture is his imagination come to life, or gothic principles on steroids. 😉

Have you been here? What was your favorite spot to go to? If you haven’t been before, what is the first thing you would go see? Or eat? I’ll do a separate food post soon!

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