Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos, I’m obsessed. I have six [currently] and maybe one might not be considered tiny as in under an inch, but it’s still pretty small and cute. I have a thing for these dainty pieces of art. Each one has its own meaning or special memory behind it. Sometimes it’s about a connection to a person. They are thought out before I get them, the exact design, the meaning of the symbol and the meaning at that point in my life. That’s a big part of it. For me, it’s cementing a moment in time, a distinct memory or an important relationship.

Most likely my favorite tattoo is my Morse code tattoo – it’s a quote that speaks to me and a difficult time in my life. It was something I wanted on me as a reminder but not written out for everyone. I found multiple Morse code alphabets and then designed the tattoo in Illustrator and brought it to my tattoo artist. We had arrows on the paper showing left to right and which way was up so we didn’t put it on wrong lol.

Three more tiny tats. The skull on my back.. is a fun story that I only share with close friends. The Olympic running wings is a classic symbol. I found a few different designs and then sketched out my own and then designed the final piece in Illustrator. One of my best friends and I got these together, in the same location, on our right heel. We truly bonded through our runs and races together. It helped to build our relationship. So since she moved north we make it a point to run together on every visit. On my first visit to see her, we got them.

& Lastly from above, my rib tattoo (that I also got on that same trip up north). It’s the word ‘wanderlust’ and a Unalome. Traveling is a huge part of who I am. I love to do it because it allows me to open my eyes to new cultures and practices. I literally have an urge to go and travel (quarantine 2020 is killing me). A Unalome is literally a Buddhist symbol for the path to enlightenment, i.e. your life journey. Mine is technically backwards, but as you know, I design my tattoos and I did it with purpose. The swirls are the little crazy moments in life, the twists and turns, the straight line is one finds enlightenment and the tiny dots are death. Visually I preferred it laid this way with the text. I also think that you have many moments of enlightenment (straight lines) throughout your life.

Celtic Triangle

I have two more tiny tats. They were actually my first two. A pink & orange star on my left foot (first one). I got with my friend from school one weekend when everyone was away. For whatever reason, at the university we went to people loved to go home on the weekends. We were not those people. So we cooked up shenanigans to get into instead. I got the star and she got a butterfly. It was a fun college memory and something I’ll never forget, as well as I’ll never forget her.
The second tattoo I ever got was a downward facing Celtic triangle. A triangle facing down is representative of the female. It’s feminine. I believe the future is female, even when I got this in 2008. The triangle is actually one continuous line. It represents the connection of your mind, body and spirit. They are so intwined with each other. I’m not big one wearing watches or bracelets, so this placement was perfect for me.

Tattoos are a commitment. Yes, there are ways to remove them now but you get them for a reason. They represent a memory, a significant time in your life, an important relationship or even something that brings you joy. Tell me about your tiny tats & big ones too. Which one is most significant to you? Mine is my morse code tattoo. Maybe one day I’ll open up more about that one but as for now, just know it stands for strength.

and yes….I do want more. I’ve been sketching out a single line flower tattoo I want for my arm. I might have to do another post on that once it happens.

Happy tatting friends!

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