Oh hey, I’m Lauren!

I literally say ‘oh hey’, it’s definitely my thing. I run Salut in the City, this blog and the Instagram page! By day I am a photographer and graphic designer. I love creating content and capturing moments with my lens. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t have a camera on me. I carried one everywhere and received my first simple Kodak point and shoot in third grade at the age of 8 (I’m all Nikon now). I am creative, bubbly and I always have a smile on my face (enneagram 7w8).

I live in a little bungalow in my favorite neighborhood, Old Fourth Ward, in Atlanta. I’m a lover of all things art, food, running, outdoors, exploring my city and traveling! I love being social and spending time with my people. Happy hour, I’m there, run on the Beltline, I’m there too. I want my schedule filled but I also enjoy my alone time (it’s called balance).

I hope you’re excited to read my blog and learn a little bit more about me and my adventures!

Small tidbit: Salut (the ‘t’ is silent) is French for hi!