Thigh High boot szn

To say I’m obsessed with Steve Madden’s Vava boot collection is an understatement. I was completely influenced by my friend Hannah (@paceswest). She’s a beautiful fashion blogger who loves her neutrals. I first bought the Vava Black Paris microsuede boots and recently got the Cognac Patent leather boot. Here are a few ways that I’ve styled them:

Tell me which is your favorite way I styled these boots and if you’re team black or team cognac!

Tiny Tattoos

Tiny tattoos, I’m obsessed. I have six [currently] and maybe one might not be considered tiny as in under an inch, but it’s still pretty small and cute. I have a thing for these dainty pieces of art. Each one has its own meaning or special memory behind it. Sometimes it’s about a connection to a person. They are thought out before I get them, the exact design, the meaning of the symbol and the meaning at that point in my life. That’s a big part of it. For me, it’s cementing a moment in time, a distinct memory or an important relationship.

Most likely my favorite tattoo is my Morse code tattoo – it’s a quote that speaks to me and a difficult time in my life. It was something I wanted on me as a reminder but not written out for everyone. I found multiple Morse code alphabets and then designed the tattoo in Illustrator and brought it to my tattoo artist. We had arrows on the paper showing left to right and which way was up so we didn’t put it on wrong lol.

Three more tiny tats. The skull on my back.. is a fun story that I only share with close friends. The Olympic running wings is a classic symbol. I found a few different designs and then sketched out my own and then designed the final piece in Illustrator. One of my best friends and I got these together, in the same location, on our right heel. We truly bonded through our runs and races together. It helped to build our relationship. So since she moved north we make it a point to run together on every visit. On my first visit to see her, we got them.

& Lastly from above, my rib tattoo (that I also got on that same trip up north). It’s the word ‘wanderlust’ and a Unalome. Traveling is a huge part of who I am. I love to do it because it allows me to open my eyes to new cultures and practices. I literally have an urge to go and travel (quarantine 2020 is killing me). A Unalome is literally a Buddhist symbol for the path to enlightenment, i.e. your life journey. Mine is technically backwards, but as you know, I design my tattoos and I did it with purpose. The swirls are the little crazy moments in life, the twists and turns, the straight line is one finds enlightenment and the tiny dots are death. Visually I preferred it laid this way with the text. I also think that you have many moments of enlightenment (straight lines) throughout your life.

Celtic Triangle

I have two more tiny tats. They were actually my first two. A pink & orange star on my left foot (first one). I got with my friend from school one weekend when everyone was away. For whatever reason, at the university we went to people loved to go home on the weekends. We were not those people. So we cooked up shenanigans to get into instead. I got the star and she got a butterfly. It was a fun college memory and something I’ll never forget, as well as I’ll never forget her.
The second tattoo I ever got was a downward facing Celtic triangle. A triangle facing down is representative of the female. It’s feminine. I believe the future is female, even when I got this in 2008. The triangle is actually one continuous line. It represents the connection of your mind, body and spirit. They are so intwined with each other. I’m not big one wearing watches or bracelets, so this placement was perfect for me.

Tattoos are a commitment. Yes, there are ways to remove them now but you get them for a reason. They represent a memory, a significant time in your life, an important relationship or even something that brings you joy. Tell me about your tiny tats & big ones too. Which one is most significant to you? Mine is my morse code tattoo. Maybe one day I’ll open up more about that one but as for now, just know it stands for strength.

and yes….I do want more. I’ve been sketching out a single line flower tattoo I want for my arm. I might have to do another post on that once it happens.

Happy tatting friends!

Halloween Fun

My girl Chanel threw the best pre-Halloween party! Literally thought of everything, including the most fabulous throne chair for us to pose in front of. The decorations were amazing and we did a potluck style food and drink table. Her candy charcuterie board blew us all away!

Did someone say happy hour plus sweet treats?

But… what about the costumes..Also, playing dress up at 36 is just as fun as it is at 5 😉

Which outfit was your favorite? Mine is clearly the blue Greek Goddess outfit, but my black top and silver pants with the pink skull is pretty fantastic too! AND I will say I NEVER wear horizontal stripes, but hello, this dress looks aMAZing on me. Let me know in the comments what you liked best!!

Coffee • PS I love you

Well obviously. I love coffee! I like it black. It’s the best way to judge a coffee shop honestly. Order their coffee black and sip. Do this at every coffee shop you go to. The reality is, if you cover up your coffee/espresso with a ton of sugar and creme/milk (regular, almond or oat) then that is what it will taste like (with a bit of meh if the base isn’t good). So, try it black, you may come to love it as much as me. The point, bad coffee is noticeable, so try it from the base before covering up the flavor.

So, how do you pose with your coffee for that perfect Instagramable shot? See below and then I’ll explain more.

So what do we have here? The almost sipping my coffee to sipping my coffee. The smoldering look off, the laugh at yourself for the last photo (LOL), the classic blogger look down (it’s cute but I’m not a huge fan), the real smile, another “Imma sip dis” and then the I’m putting it down, stop taking photos but I’m happy shot!

If you have read my other posts about taking photos, then you know my thoughts. Take a lot of photos continuously as you move about with your ‘prop’, which in this case is the coffee.Then you have so many images to choose from (and laugh at!!). But also, check the cute workout gear I’m in! Highish waisted heather blue yoga pants and a long sleeve black criss-cross crop top!

Blue Outfit Inspo

I know, I know.. ‘but Lauren, we’re going into fall. What about all of those warm rich tones?’. As you know, I live in Atlanta so it’ll be in the 90’s until November here. I put together some fall outfit inspiration that’ll work with the hot days and lead you into the cool fall nights.

The classic blue jean, long sleeve, button up shirt. It’s a staple, I bought this from Gap a few years ago (to replace the one I had worn out from high school – it’s truly a staple wardrobe piece). I simply unbuttoned the shirt and only buttoned the one closest to the bottom of my bra. Then I tied off the bottom portion of the shirt, rolled the sleeves & paired it with a high waisted black skirt and leopard heels. Tying it at this height helps to accentuate your waist.
How do you to take this from a hot day to a cool night? Simply unroll your sleeves, and button up the top portion of the shirt (above the one button you have closed) and if you’re cold natured or dining out at a cold restaurant then grab a faux black leather jacket to wear too!

Blue and white pin stripped shirt. This is another timeless wardrobe piece. This shirt is a half button up, so I unbutton is as low as I need to for the heat of the day and roll up my sleeves (plus it has the cute detail of a sleeve strap to help ‘hold’ up your rolled sleeve, purely for aesthetics, but I love this detail). When the cool night air rolls in I unroll my sleeves and button my shirt up if needed. I paired this shirt with a long blingy necklace, black skinny jeans, and a black booty (so comfy and easy to walk around in).

Blue on blue on blue. Ok, ok this is more the summer side of fall but I couldn’t resist this shot. Blue JCrew tank, navy blue Express shorts, and I opted for my tan Sam Edelman sandals (should have grabbed my light blue ones, lol), and lastly my aviators. This is perfect for all the hot Fall days we get in Atlanta and all I need to do is grab a light jacket to warm myself up in the evening. [How amazing is this wall].

Blue ribbed bodysuit. Talk about another wardrobe staple. I love a soft bodysuit with texture, this one plays up the sexiness with a half snap up front [how low can you go]. Pair this with blue jeans and flats or simple sandals. Through on a light sweater or scarf to warm it up at night. Are you team bra or no bra with your bodysuits? I go back and forth!

Blue jumper. This is perfect for fall! Your legs are covered and you can easily through on a scarf or light jacket over your shoulders at night. Bonus, it’s a jumper you only have to put on one thing and grab a pair of shoes to match! lol.

Blue bodysuit + blue/white patterned pants. You’ve seen both of these pieces on my blog before. I love them. This is a team no bra bodysuit, lol. Perfect for fall, the pants keep me warm and the off the shoulder, low back bodysuit keeps me cool. You can always pull the sleeves up over your shoulders for a different look or to keep you a tad bit warmer.

White after Labor Day

Umm, yes please. Don’t tell me what your fashion rules are. ‘Don’t wear white after Labor Day’ is one of those, ‘but why’ style rules. Labor day weekend is the ‘end of summer’ traditionally. Well, I’m a summer baby and my birthday isn’t until September 19th. It’s one of the last few days of summer (the Autumn Equinox is 9/22), so why shouldn’t you wear white during the last few summer days.. or Fall & Winter for that matter.

Take a look at these outfits: White jeans from the amazing Atlanta Local Sara Blakely who created Spanx, paired with this cute tank filled with fall colors and some of her famous faux leather leggings with a white tank. Perfect for wearing white no matter when and handling the warm southern Fall nights. And who can’t resist a crop top (in white duh) with a fun black tutu and leopard heels.

Which outfit do you prefer? I’m also curious as to what “fashion” rules you’ve heard that are completely out of date. I’ve always thought of fashion as what is trending and true style is your personality and how you pair pieces to it. Do you agree?

posing 101 – With coffee

Have you been trying to figure out how to get the perfect shot with your coffee or of your coffee? It’s not always easy and as I’m writing this I’m sitting outside of my favorite coffee shop drinking black coffee (my go-to).

When its just about the coffee you need to show the logo or if it’s a latte you have to show the art on top. If you’re shooting yourself with the coffee remember to interact with your ‘prop’, gaze off in the distance, sip the coffee, focus on your hands around the cup and try fun new ideas like my shoes + coffee shot!

Look at your surroundings. Is the interior space worth shooing in? Is there a wall (like the metal or blue one below) to use as a better background? If there’s a patio, are there trees that you can use to help frame your shot?

See below for some inspo!



Posing 101:

To recap, here are some of my best tips for posing with coffee!

  • Interact with your cup | hold it close, drink out of it, gaze down at it, smell the aromas
  • Hold the cup & look else where | when you drink your morning cup and enjoy that peaceful moment of quiet before you start your day, that is what others want to see
  • Take a photo of the cup | make sure your nails are nice, if there’s a logo, show it, shoot it in front of their sign, or in front of their branding
  • Drinking espresso? | Show the milk art on top, is it unique, is it a classic heart?
  • Look around at your environment | is there a unique wall or landscape that you can use as a background or to frame your image?

I hope these tips help your next coffee shoot! Let me know if you have any questions below.

Which shot was your favorite? Do you have another posing idea that I need to try? Let me know in the comments.

How to Style Flowy Printed Pants

Some of my favorite pants are these thick cotton, navy blue and cream colored, printed pants. They’re a little long on me, which I love because I can easily pair them with heels, and fit my body so well. They hug every curve without being too tight and they flair out nicely at the bottom (hello 70’s vibes).

How do you style a flowy pant?

I always style them with a bodysuit. I prefer something tighter on top in contrast to the flowy pant. If you wear something longer or baggier then you risk looking larger than you are. Also the eye doesn’t know where to look. The print catches your eye but the darker color of the top will give the eye a resting place and then allow it to travel down to see the rest of the outfit.

Tell me, which do you prefer? The blue or the olive green bodysuit? Let me know in the comments.

How about all of my facial expressions, lol!

While we’re at it, did you have a pose that you loved the most? I love my ‘ugh, right’ face in the first blue bodysuit photo and my flowy hair with sunglasses in the green bodysuit. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and then head over to my Instagram to see what my followers thought too!

Oakland Cemetery Vibes

Once upon a time I shot an engagement session in a cemetery and it was perfectly romantic and eerie. Since then I’ve wanted to take some portraits of myself there. BUT, what does one wear for a cemetery shoot? I wanted a fun and frilly look that still fit the ominous mood of my surroundings. Classic black on black was the key here. To spice it up, create some movement and make it more feminine, I added in a tutu (who doesn’t love a good tutu?!), and I finished it off with a classic stiletto heel.

What about props? I brought a clear umbrella, purple tulips, my oldest vintage camera and some black roses. Which look is your favorite?

The best part of this shoot? It was cloudy and slightly rainy. Any good photographer knows that a cloudy day it optimal for a photoshoot. If you’re not sure as to why… cloud coverage is natures natural filter. You don’t have to deal with harsh light or shadows (which in turn means less editing on the back end, win-win).

Classic Black

Black on black outfit, vintage camera plus rainy day makes for the perfect photoshoot in a cemetery.

Here’s where I bought my tutu! It comes in so many color options too!





I love still photography more than anything…but, taking still images (shot in continuous mode) and streaming them together into a video that looks a bit choppy may take the cake. It tells a story, invites you in to the movement and makes you want to dance along. I also think it stops people from scrolling to fast part your image and draws them in. So, never stop moving. Regardless if you want to create a video from the images or not, shooting in continuous mood gives you the perfect opportunity to get THE perfect shot (or shots). A flowy tulle skirt really helps with the movement too.

I load my images into a stack into Photoshop and then create frames from the layers (it’s so EASY). I export them as a GIF (I say it’s ‘gif’ not ‘jiff’ lol) and then convert them into a .mov for Instagram (because they don’t like GIF’s for whatever reason). Great for your feed, stories and the new popular reels!

Look at the three videos above and tell me which is your favorite and why (tell me in the comments below).