Photography Portfolio

I’ve never known myself to not have a camera on me. I love to document everything happening around me.

This led to a life full of memories on film that translated to digital as the market grew. People are one of my favorite things to shoot. People are hard to shoot naturally. I’m not much for staged images. I want to capture a person in their element, during a moment of pure joy or sorrow, thinking, reacting, moving. All of those are much more beautiful and engaging than a set up stiff shot.


I always tell my couples to interact with each other, talk, dance, kiss and ignore the fact that I’m there. It takes time but the results are always worth it. When I shoot single portraits I say the same thing. Breath deep, think about things that bring you joy, dance, move and forget that I’m here.


Just a few images from Zion National Park and a little flat lay I did with white roses, blood oranges and red petals.