Atlanta – Oyster Hot Spots

Oysters you must try in ATL


Happy hour at Bazati is a must! Sexy bar with caramel colored leather barstools, floor to ceiling windows and all the liquors on display.

Mission & Market

How do you make raw oysters better? Top them with caviar!


The sister of Kimball House so you know it’s amazing. They have a great happy hour and oysters from both coasts to satisfy your needs!


Another great restaurant by Ford Fry. This coastal inspired spot has amazing seafood dishes and of course oysters. Check out the den (downstairs) for a fun weekend night out with drinks!

Big B’s Fish Joint

Oyster happy hour? YES PLEASE!!! They get some of their oysters from a small river in Virginia where the owners grew up. These are those and they were good, they have a more mineral flavor than your coastal oysters.

Kimball House

Covid hit hard, so oysters at home from Kimball house will have to do. I picked them up on ice and shucked them myself (with a flathead screwdriver) and the hit right.

Atlanta Unique drinks

Here are some unique drinks to try in Atlanta at some of my favorite watering holes in the city. Where do you like to grab a unique cocktail in the city? Do you have a spot that I must try? Let me know in the comments!

Victory Sandwich Bar

Whiskey Coke slushies! They’re so tasty and easy to drink, you’ll find yourself feeling good in no time!


Watch for the lifeguards in their towers, when they blow their whistles then you better watch out for the sharks! Although in this case… the shark is coming in your drink!

The Whiskey Project

First and foremost, their well whiskey is WELLER Green label, yeah, let that sink in. Their most sold whiskey by volume – not cost – is Blanton’s. Crazy, right? Well how about this unique twist on an old fashioned for brunch, a bacon old fashioned completely lit up!

Little Spirit

Don’t you want a cinnamon sprinkled Burt Reynolds on top of your cocktail? This place is tiny but packed full of fun cocktails and a huge painting of Biggie & Tupac.

The James Room

The Countess – and yes that is a James Bond inspired bathroom. The Countess is a delicious cocktail that is topped with 18K gold!

New Realm Brewing

New Realm brewery did a collab with the famous King of Pops and the beer is top notch! Dip the accompanying popsicle into the beer and enjoy. It’s also perfect for cooling off in the Atlanta heat!

Cold Beer

Frozen avocado margarita with black salt rim. There’s nothing more to say, get one.

El Super Pan

Coquito – the Puerto Rican version of classic Eggnog but with coconut and yes, it’s amazing!

Tikki Tango

I like my cocktails topped with fire! Rum and a lit up sugar cube is all I need to start the night right!

Big Sky Buckhead

CBD oil infused cocktails, tasty and more relaxing than your standard cocktail 😉


Does it really matter what’s inside the cup when it comes in this? LOL!! This was your classic rum beach drink with a sliver of pineapple in the cutest cup!

Atlanta – Bloody Mary’s

I love a good Bloody Mary, the spicer the better in my book. After every race it’s a tradition of mine that I drink one (or more) and of course they’re the perfect cocktail for brunch! Grab one from these spots next time you run a 10K or dress up for brunch with your people.
[on your phone? turn your phone sideways for optimal viewing – you’re welcome]

Parish Inman Park

Post Peachtree Road Race Bloody Mary’s. The PPRR it the largest 10K in the work (60K + runners), and my favorite 4th of July tradition (well with the Bloody Mary of course).


The celery stick alone is enough to make me smile but the fact that you can see the spices in the glass make me really excited!

Varuni Napoli

How about a spicy Bloody Mary with a side of breakfast pizza. Yes, please!

West Egg Cafe

The ‘Spicy Maria’ with a short stack + chocolate chips because I was at the crack of down for a freezing cold 5K in Atlanta. I really do love my post race Bloody Mary tradition (& carbs lol).

Wheatley Vodka-Mary

Or.. you could make your own Bloody Mary at home with some Wheatley vodka (from the buffalo trace family) and spice it up how ever you want. I love a piece of pickled okra, tomato and celery!

The Best Happy Hour Vibes

Happy hour in Atlanta is a favorite past time of mine. Each of these places are some of my favorites spots, they don’t all have the same vibe but each one is unique! Check out these spots for your next happy hour.

The Golden Eagle | Reynoldstown – Think sexy, dark and masculine vibes. Teal velvet u-shaped bar with camel colored leather barstools, candles and music from an old record player. One of my favorite happy hour spots for the moody vibe (& great cocktails too). If you want a more light atmosphere, sit on their patio and grab some tiki drinks!

Little Trouble | West Midtown (West Side Provisions District) – The neon lights are calling. Not only do they have amazing cocktail options but their neon logo sign that beckons you down a long hallway is one of the most instagramable spots in Atlanta.

Lloyd’s (or what I like to call Grandpa’s basement) | Inman Park – Lloyd’s has a ‘dive bar’, late 70’s vibe to it. I always say the only thing they’re missing is a cigarette machine. Which bathroom do you want to take a selfie in, the green one or the pink one.. Regardless, their happy hour offers $5 (that’s tax included) Dirty Martinis (vodka or gin), Vespers (my new fav cocktail), Manhattans and Cosmopolitans. They also partners with a local brewer (Arches Brewing) to develop their own light beer.

Watchman’s | Inman Park (Krog Street Market) – Oyster’s on the half shell, whistles and sharks in your glass. What’s that, oh if you order this special menu item in early March the sirens will sound and a whistle will be blown (think, at the beach and a shark is spotted) then your server will bring out the first cocktail below! And never miss their eggnog around the holidays. It’s one of the best in the city (you can also sip it at their sister restaurant Kimball house).

The Whiskey Project | OTP in Roswell – To all of my fellow whiskey lovers, get here ASAP. The well bourbon… is WELLER green label!! You read that correctly. This place has the best whiskey line up of any restaurant I’ve been too.

Need a few more spots to grab a drink? Try New Realm brewery for amazing sunset views, Tiki Tango for flaming cocktails, The James Room for a James Bond/James Dean inspired vibe, Pour Taproom to try all the beers and seltzers you’ve been wanting to try but not buy a whole 6 pack of, there’s also the hotel Clermont (holy city views) and Twelve (on top of Ponce City Market). Need more recommendations? Ask me below, and if you have a recommendation, let me know!
xoxo – L