Birthday Weekend away

Covid-19 really put a damper on all of our travel plans this year. It also meant my husband working overtime and me, as a freelance graphic designer, completely out of work. Talk about a weird balance to get used to. We had to cancel overseas plans and smalls trips too. Six months after quarantine started, September rolled up and it was my birthday. Mentally I needed to get out of my house and out of my city for some fresh air and a new space. We couldn’t go far. Personally I’m not ready to fly and I’m don’t want to go the the over crowded beaches.

We decided to take an easy drive north of the city to Dahlonega and the north Georgia mountains. We rented a nice and secluded VRBO called the Swag House. It was about a mile off of the main road and so quiet. It was the perfect weekend spot, close to hiking, downtown and the wineries.

What have you been doing to getaway during these covid months?

City Hopping – Barcelona

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities abroad. It is the perfect combination of European city life and beach life. It’s truly the best of both worlds with an amazing food scene, beautiful gothic architecture and a topless beach. [team free the nipple and normalize female bodies not sexualize them]

When I was in art school, we studied gothic architecture, specifically the Casa Batllo designed by Gaudí. He’s one of my favorite gothic artists. Aside from the gothic aesthetics, his designs are magical. Colorful, organic and whimsey. I truly believe his architecture is his imagination come to life.

And there’s the beautiful basilica de la sagrada familia, that is still under construction… after 135 years. They say it should be done in 2026, lol.

The colorful stained glass windows are one of my favorite features. You can’t tell how colorful they are from the outside but once you enter the church and you see the sunlight fill the room, then you see the rainbow of colors. Some of the windows depict stories from the bible and others are geometric designs with different shades of colors. I actually prefer that shapes over the stories, it allows the imagination to create.

So what do you think, do you think Gaudí’s architecture is his imagination come to life, or gothic principles on steroids. 😉

Have you been here? What was your favorite spot to go to? If you haven’t been before, what is the first thing you would go see? Or eat? I’ll do a separate food post soon!

Travel – Unique Coffee Shop Drinks

Trying out a new coffee shop is one of my favorite was to explore a new city! It makes it even better when the coffee shop has a fun, unique coffee or tea to try. Check out these fun drinks on your next travel adventure:

Vanilla Peacock Latte

Home | San Francisco
They are known for their colorful latte art!

Tumeric Latte

Toasty | San Francisco

Clockwork Orange

Brother Moto | Atlanta
Fall latte that tastes like those orange flavored chocolates (shaped like an orange) from London!


Academy Coffee | Atlanta
Matcha tea + aquapanela (raw sugar cane boiled down in water with lime)

Irish Coffee

The Buena Vista | San Francisco – coffee, sugar cube, Irish whiskey and cream. This is the best on in San Fran!

Latte with Animal Crackers

Tryst | D.C.- ok so the latte is basic but they serve it with an animal cracker and that’s pretty awesome!

Beet Latte

Cultivate Food | Atlanta


Gilly Brew Bar | Atlanta
Espresso, charcoal and lemonade – amazing!

Doors & Doorknobs

I have this thing with doors and doorknobs. It’s a real obsession. I first fell in love with their uniqueness when I lived in France during a study abroad. I lived in a monastery with nuns (yes, that’s correct, I know that monasteries are traditionally homes of monks but in this case it was nuns). It was a tiny town in Normandy called Bayeux. It was so whimsical and had beautiful architecture everywhere you looked.

I was a photography major and we had to build out our darkroom in this tiny second floor space. It had a classroom area and then a 5×10 foot room we used for the darkroom. It had a large window that we had to black out. I remember spending an afternoon in the space with my professor Perry blacking everything out with blackout tape and black paper. We made it happen. The first photo below is a piece from a series I shot, developed and printed in Bayeux. There was something truly magical about being in that tiny space with a little red light bringing an image to life from the streets just outside. It’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve shot and it started a love for unique doors and doorknobs that I’ve had ever since.

But first we must knock…

and then we can enter, lol.

Do you share my love of unique doors and doorknobs? These are all from France, Spain, Ireland and Italy. Have you seen some in another country that are amazing that I need to see? Let me know in the comments. I would love to see more!

Salut in the City – my first hello

Always looking for sunshine

Oh hey!! You’re probably here because you follow my Instagram @SalutInTheCity. If you found me another way then hi new friend, welcome!

I came to the point where I wanted to focus less on Atlanta (even though I love this city) and the Atlanta food scene (my waistline thanks me too – lol). I want to focus more on lifestyle and my other interests. Travel being a big one – I am a wandering soul, also running, a healthy lifestyle, cooking adventures and my current home reno (which is all DIY with the hubs btw).

A little about me I live in Old Fourth Ward with my husband of 10 years! I am a photographer and graphic designer. I’m bubbly and love finding the positive in every situation. Running is my therapy. If I’m stressed out or stuck on a design I hit the pavement and it makes everything better (bonus – runners booty). I grew up on the North side of the city in Woodstock (way OTP). You could always find me outside playing in the dirt, riding motorcycles & four wheelers and camping. Summer was always my favorite season for all those reasons plus being a water baby. I would beg my dad to open the pool in April and I’d be swimming around in 60* water or living the boat life on the lake.

This definitely instilled in me a life always seeking adventure. You name it I’ve probably tried it or it’s on my bucket list. I can check off soloing (an airplane), sky diving, living abroad in a monastery with nuns, getting my motorcycle license and so much more. So, stay tuned for more cities, my life and yes plenty of Atlanta love, because I truly love this city!


Sunnies and jumper are from Lulus

Mural by: